As a first-timer for this..I must say it wasn’t what I was much more FUN than I expected. Think of a day party…now think of a street party; put both together with a generous dose of colourful sexy costumes; that’s my take on CARIBANA. The costumes were so vibrant and beautiful. What an amazing…

Yonge-Dundas Lines

Yonge-Dundas square has so much visual appeal, Maybe its the big screens that just reels you in..   .   Reminds one of the big apple, sort-a     Its  a spot I really can’t get tired of..

A Christmas Feeling

Christmas is one the fuzziest season ever. With everywhere beautifully decorated     Who could turn down such a beautiful season..   With so much pastries to lift the spirit, we could just temporarily forget about the gym for now..haha Found a very beautiful spot, to get these goodies; at Pablo Cheese Tart Located at 114…


January…in Toronto Will there ever not be snow, Daily Post

Street-named:University Avenue

  A street named University Avenue right next to St.Andrew Station. This weeks wordpress challenge focuses on humans innate need to name things,places,people etc. Which makes sense as without names nothing would be identified or located.     WordPress Challenge      


Taken on a warm afternoon in a marketplace located in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. Read more about this trip here Daily Post