January…in Toronto Will there ever not be snow, Daily Post


Times in life, you have a food goal, decided where you belly will munch for the afternoon but then life shows you why you shouldn’t have set up that plan(not always but sometimes)..then slowly you learn not to be so adamant in life, that’s Growth. We set out a plan, Let’s take a train downtown…

Street-named:University Avenue

  A street named University Avenue right next to St.Andrew Station. This weeks wordpress challenge focuses on humans innate need to name things,places,people etc. Which makes sense as without names nothing would be identified or located.     WordPress Challenge      


Taken on a warm afternoon in a marketplace located in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. Read more about this trip here Daily Post  

Summer Nostalgia

There are some photos we see that instantly make us long for a certain moment in the past.             The photo above is one of them. Taken two summers ago, this photo reminds of a time when I thought Life was simple and bliss. Im better tuned in to the…