Bubble Tea Season

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Summer…Summer..Summer☀️ How many times do I have to tell you: ‘Kill it with the heat’ Don’t know how I would survive without bubble tea to quench the thirst this everlasting heat causes. My top two saviours during the summer👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽 Especially with the mango flavoured tea from both Coco Tea & Real…

Gamjatang(Pork Back-Bone Stew)

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Gamja-tang is a spicy Korean soup made from the spine or neck bones of a pig, Korean condiments, potatoes and cabbage. The stew is flavoured with typical Korean condiments such as doenjang(Korean fermented soybean paste), gochujang(Korean red chili pepper paste) and gochugaru(Korean red chili pepper flakes). It is also usually served…

Stack’d Up

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A preparation was done for this meal.. Told myself..to handle this triple-stacked burger im starving myself till lunchtime, no breakfast, no brunch, no snacking! Getting to Ozzys Burgers on an empty stomach made me race there 😂 This burger consists of three beef patties, beef bacon(almost as yummy as pork bacon),…

Ramen At Menya Fuji

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Once upon a time.. There used to be a cute ramen restaurant down on Yonge street; called Menya Fuji Most times during my lunch hour I would briskly walk there to grab my favourite ramen: Black Tonkotsu Shio Ramen This ramen is made with a special kind of garlic called black…


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‘ Poké- poʊˈkeɪ;A raw fish bowl which originated from fishermen using the cut-offs from their catch to serve as a snack by just mixing soy sauce, green onions and sesame oil.’ If someone told me when I was younger, I would love eating seaweed, I might have kicked them😂 But see,…

Tapas At Kinka!

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Some Friday Nights are reserved for tapas and drinks in my books! So I took myself to Yonge street, to a place called Kinka Izakaya . ‘ An izakaya is a Japanese pub, an inviting place to enjoy exquisite food and drinks. It lets you unwind after a hard day’s work…


January…in Toronto Will there ever not be snow, Daily Post

Street-named:University Avenue

  A street named University Avenue right next to St.Andrew Station. This weeks wordpress challenge focuses on humans innate need to name things,places,people etc. Which makes sense as without names nothing would be identified or located.     WordPress Challenge