The Burger Cellar

As you probably guessed already..
Its a burger joint!

Craving a burger one day, I found myself at the burger cellar.


I ordered the prime signature burger with a side of sweet potatoes and a 9 0z. glass of merlot red wine

2015-12-04 05.02.09 1.jpg
Signature burger topped with a fried egg, lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, red onion & a kosher dill pickle
At the burger cellar, when you order a burger you are given an option of your burger patty: The triple AAA angus Natural, Prime, Organic bison.

I opted for the prime beef patty, organic bison is for another day..

The burger from burger cellar tasted so organic and fresh. And they providea menu for the best pairing wines with your burger.

Give the burger cellar a try whenever you can, its worth it.


For more informatiom about the burger cellar click here



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