Times in life, you have a food goal, decided where you belly will munch for the afternoon but then life shows you why you shouldn’t have set up that plan(not always but sometimes)..then slowly you learn not to be so adamant in life, that’s Growth.

We set out a plan,

Let’s take a train downtown Toronto, get some smoked protein from Smoque ‘n’ Bones , but to our dismay they were closed until January 5th.

We turned our heavy backs and continued walking down on Queen st west, when we spotted a poké joint: Pokito

Poké- poʊˈkeɪ;A raw fish bowl which originated from fishermen using the cut-offs from their catch to serve as a snack by just mixing soy sauce, green onions and sesame oil.

My ‘partner-in-food’ went for a 420 Tuna and Salmon Poké: filled with some sushi rice, avocado, seaweed salad, Cajun corn, edamame kale with some tuna and salmon.

(Sorry I got distracted eating his food,I forgot to take a picture but enjoy this wonderful quote from the godfather of Poké)

While I opted for a Spicy Ahi Poké: layered with sushi rice, crab salad, Maui onion, purple cabbage, topped with some seaweed salad(see that green bruh!) and tuna.

Spicy Ahi Poké

I’m secretly glad smoques ‘n’ Bones weren’t open, because a wonderful spot was discovered.

Happy new year!!!

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  1. keli471 says:

    I am a lover of Poke here in Hawaii…had a poke bowl for lunch today! Doesn’t get much better

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