Happy Independence Day, Nigeria.

Today marks the 56th year our country has been independent.   Although our currency value is the worst it has ever been, $1=N480. We will survive. Happy Independence day Nigeria. All I wish for on this day, are better leaders that will move Nigeria forward.   Advertisements

Oxford Edges

  Location: Oxford Street, London. Photo Challenge

•Africa Livin’•

Vibrant Snapshots Taken At A Marketplace in Lagos, Nigeria  Balogun Market, Nigeria   To read & see more photos about this post…click Here

#Reblog: Should We Thank The Ones That Hurt Us

‘Those who hurt us actually horned our mind; those who stumbled us actually strengthened our legs; those who deceived us actually enhanced our wisdoms; those who humiliated us actually awakened our self-esteem; those who abandoned us actually taught us independence’ -YAN BALCZEWSKI To read her full article: Click Here

●The Light At The End Of The Tunnel●

‘An optimist may see a light where there is none, but why must the pessimist always run to blow it out?’ -Rene Descartes     Optimistic Photo Challenge


Whats your favourite season? I think theyre all my favourite.